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Business with an eye on environmental responsibility

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Concerns about climate change, toxicity and waste have begun to influence consumer behaviour around the world. The share of those who expect brands to protect the environment is increasing, and this is pushing companies that produce a wide variety of products to a new concept – sustainable production and consumption. Elena Krochak, Business Development Director of AENO, tells how and why brands become eco-friendly.

Sustainability as a consumer incentive

Brands are at risk of shrinking their market share if they can’t keep up with conscious consumption trends. By understanding people’s attitudes towards environmental issues, brands will be able to introduce new policies that satisfy consumers and keep the planet safe.

“Brands that take a more holistic approach to sustainability can help bring visions into line with reality and strengthen their reputation for sustainability,” says Elena Krochak, AENO Business Development Director.

At the same time, brands encourage consumers to pay more attention to the environmental component when choosing a product by highlighting cases that support sustainable solutions. The consumer must clearly understand that his actions are really beneficial. For example, when shopping, a customer can opt out of plastic bags, thereby reducing plastic consumption.

Brands also influence the image and sales of the retail partners they partner with. The brand manages its own reputation and representation – it literally controls everything from lighting on store shelves to tone-of-voice in product descriptions. Therefore, it is both easier and more difficult for retailers to follow eco-trends than for manufacturers. The main thing: decide for yourself what to do with waste and unsold goods and how to focus on working with responsible suppliers.

Conscious and careful attitude to nature – as part of the AENO philosophy

AENO is a young dynamically developing brand of smart home appliances. The brand is committed to bringing sustainable innovation to every aspect of the product lifecycle so that consumers can lead a greener life.

Innovation during the product development phase helps the AENO brand team reduce waste and achieve continuous improvement in recycling rates. The reduction of paper instructions and their digitization, the use of eco-packaging, completely free of plastic, allows the reuse of recycled packaging materials. During the operation phase of AENO products, energy-saving technologies reduce energy consumption.

The brand is taking a step towards realizing a sustainable vision of a smart home that is in line with the lifestyle, needs and values of the consumer. The philosophy of AENO not only focuses on the development of technology and functionality, but also takes into account the different needs, tastes and lifestyles of people, setting new levels of development for the industry.

Household appliances are not only an important part of any home, but also a part of everyday life and daily routine. AENO continues to develop its products and innovations to provide consumers with an enhanced life experience and above all a sustainable product experience from start to finish.

Ecological business concept

One of the key benefits of the concept of sustainability for business is the ability to look at the global role of the company and understand that their contribution can be multi-sectoral and should be useful to a large number of people around the world, companies and even natural biocenoses. Awareness of one’s contribution leads to an understanding of responsibility for the future – this is the main role of a green business concept.

New realities and growing demand from consumers open up additional business opportunities. The desire to care for the environment, implemented at the level of not just reputational solutions, but key business processes, should help strengthen business in the long term. The offer of new products, created in balance with the environment, will satisfy the demand of more demanding customers who are increasingly thinking about where, how and what products are made of.

“Today, brand confidence is more relevant than ever – fresh solutions, clear messages and promises, confirmed by strong products, as well as communication verified to the smallest detail. Now it is especially important to understand the needs and expectations of the audience, to meet them and be one step ahead,” comments Elena Krochak, Business Development Director of AENO.

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