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EU publishes study on food security

Availability of food "a growing concern"

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The EU Commission has published an analysis by Commission services on the main drivers affecting food security. It looks at the effects on food security of drivers such as climate change, environmental degradation, the economic consequences of COVID-19 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Based on the latest scientific evidence, this analysis identifies different types of key drivers: biophysical and environmental; research, innovation, and technology; economy and market; food supply chain performance; political and institutional; socio-cultural, and demographic drivers.

The analysis also looks at short- and long-term horizons and linkages between them.

Stakeholder views were collected through specific consultations and were taken into account in the analysis.

A commission spokesman said, “The availability of food is not at stake in Europe today. The affordability of food is however a growing concern for an increasing number of low-income households.

“Availability, affordability, utilisation and stability cannot be taken for granted. Some of the drivers may become risks for food security and expose vulnerabilities in our food system, if not properly addressed.

“The EU has launched many initiatives to secure a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient food system with a realistic timeline and necessary support instruments,” he concluded.

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