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Making life-saving wearable tech for soldiers | Digital Triage Assistant (DTA) system

by gary cartwright
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NATO is supporting the development of new technology designed to minimise casualties during combat operations. It involves soldiers wearing various body sensors that will help medics collect vital data and determine the extent to which a soldier may be injured more accurately than a field medic would be able to conclude. The new technology is called the Digital Triage Assistant (DTA) system.

The original concept came from a collaboration between students of Johns Hopkins University and the NATO Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub. It has since expanded and now involves researchers from the Czech Technical University in Prague, the DefSec Innovation Hub, the Czech University of Defence and the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces.

Footage includes scenes of a simulated attack showing soldiers wearing prototype devices. It also includes soundbites with Kristina Soukupová, President, DefSec Innovation Hub, and Major Bedrich Hyza, Chief of Training, Military Academy, Brno.

Story/Video: NATO.

Image: gov.uk

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