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Cypriot security agencies and Mossad thwart Iranian plot to carry out attacks in Cyprus

Cypriot security services reportedly arrested two Iranians and obtained “considerable information,” which in turn led to the discovery of the would-be attackers' identities.

by EUToday Correspondents
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Cypriot security and law enforcement agencies, in cooperation with Israel’s Mossad, thwarted an Iranian terrorist infrastructure that planned to carry out attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets in Cyprus.

Thanks to the counter-terrorist action and the arrest of the cell by the Cypriot security services, considerable information was obtained, which led to the discovery of the attackers, their modus operandi, the targets of the attack and the Iranian plan to kill innocents in Cyprus and elsewhere.

Since Hamas’s murderous terrorist assault on October 7th, the Iranian regime has expanded its efforts to advance terrorism around the world. Iran does not hesitate to use all means to achieve its criminal goals.

The Mossad, together with its partner intelligence and security organizations, is continuing to take constant and varied action to defeat the terrorist threats from Iran and its proxies, and to defend the State of Israel and its citizens, as well as the Jewish people around the world.

Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) reports that since the outbreak of the war, many Israelis have gone to stay in Cyprus.

The Iranian presence in northern Cyprus, as well as the prior and current use of that area for terrorist purposes and as an area of activity and transit to attack Israeli and Jewish targets, constitutes a disturbing issue.

The NSC and the intelligence community recently updated the threat level toward Israelis abroad and are continuing to instruct Israeli citizens accordingly.

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