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Putin’s War: testimony from Anatoly Fedoruk, Mayor of Bucha

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“The bodies of executed people are still lying on Yablunska Street in Bucha. With their hands tied behind their backs with white “peaceful” rags. [They were] shot in the back of the head. You can imagine what atrocities [Russian soldiers] have done here.

“Any war has rules of conduct with civilians. The Russians showed that they killed civilians knowingly. They practically got the green light from Putin [to go] on safari — and they shot Ukrainians.”

Russia has denied any involvement in civilian deaths in the town of Bucha, insisting that photographs showing the bodies were “fakes” concocted by Ukraine. But several probes are debunking some of these claims.

One claim centred on footage taken from a car as it drove through the town showing what appeared to be dead bodies on either side of the road.

Pro-Russian social media accounts then circulated a slowed-down version of the video, claiming that the arm on one of the bodies moved and were not lifeless.

But the BBC’s Reality Check and Monitoring teams have since verified multiple images of the same scene separately captured by news agency AFP, clearly showing a dead body in the same position and place as the video.

Satellite images have revealed a 45-foot-long trench in Bucha where mass graves were found of civilians in areas where Russian troops have pulled back.

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