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Ambassador Barbara Woodward: “The Kremlin has pre-determined the results of sham elections across 4 sovereign Ukrainian territories”

Statement by UK Ambassador Barbara Woodward at the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine.

by EUToday Correspondents
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Ambassador Barbara Woodward
Ambassador Barbara Woodward,  addressing the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine (Sept 8th) condemned the recent  Russian missile attack on a market in Kostyantynivka in eastern Ukraine, stressing that intentionally directing attacks against civilians is a war crime.

She then went on to slam the “sham elections” to be conducted by Russia in the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine.

“Last year, in violation of the democratic will of the Ukrainian people, and of the UN Charter, Russia attempted to illegally annex Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson. We saw Russian soldiers round people up to cast ballots at gunpoint for Russia’s so-called “referendums.”

“As colleagues have said, the General Assembly emphatically rejected Russia’s actions. 143 Member States denounced Russia’s blatant violation of international law. The Secretary General condemned Russia’s attempted annexations.

“Now Russia is committing another violation of the UN Charter by holding so-called “elections” within these four oblasts and in illegally annexed Crimea. Russia claims it is protecting the right to self-determination. But as my Foreign Secretary has said, you can’t hold elections in someone else’s country. Not only are Russia’s actions illegal and illegitimate, but we have information that the Kremlin has pre-determined the results of the sham elections across sovereign Ukrainian territory which Russia temporarily controls.

“This gross deception will bring Russia no closer to justifying its war of aggression, just as Russia, in a year, has come no closer to expanding its control over the areas it has claimed in its failing invasion.

“We also have information that ‘this year, Russia aims to host around 100,000 Ukrainian children from Russian-controlled territories to participate in a summer camp programme, with the aim being to politically indoctrinate children to align with Russia.’

“Ukraine is fighting for its future as a State. The only way that Russia’s war can come to an end is through a just and sustained peace that fully respects Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. We call on the international community to support Ukraine until that peace is won.”

Story/Image: gov.uk

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