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Boscani, Romania, invites you to celebrate Bosanci Community Day, August 15!

The brass band from Bosanci, Romania invites you to music, dance and good spirit at Bosanci Community Day, August 15!

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The day will begin with the Holy mass at the Church of the Assumption, followed by a folklore programmed composed of singing, dancing and exhibition of traditional costumes, workshops of local crafts, display of national and local traditional costumes. 

Boscani Parade, August 2022.

A special parade this year is represented by flocks of sheep and their shepherds as well as horses and traditional food like meat, cheese and milk, free to offer.  

Couples that are celebrating 50 years of marriage will be honoured as part of the celebration of the community day. 

The event is organised by Bosanci City Hall, Bosanci Local Council and FC Romania Bruxelles 


Bosanci is a village in Romania inhabited since Neolithic. Emperor Josef II visited the village in 1783. They have a unique cultural inheritance, and has the oldest historically attested brass band from Romania. They are rich in local traditions, having their own village costumes and Christmas carols, uniting the Romanian, Polish and Austro-Hungarian traditions.  They are also known for a local pulp brandy from plums easily recognisable due to its special taste.


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