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Lampedusa: European Parliament calls for solidarity

by EUToday Correspondents
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MEPs have called on all EU countries to show solidarity and relocate the people on the move arriving in Lampedusa.

The deputies say the latest tragedy from the Italian island, where a five-month-old baby died this Wednesday during a rescue operation shows “once again how EU migration policy is constantly failing.”

About 1,850 arrivals landed on Wednesday, bringing the total number of people on the move in Lampedusa to more than 6,700. The initial reception centre on the island can accommodate around 400 people.

MEPs from the Left group said, “No more lives should be lost for Europe to have a sustainable, solidarity-based and compulsory redistribution of refugees. 

Cornelia Ernst MEP

The Left has been calling for years for a compulsory distribution mechanism in the EU to relieve the burden on the countries of first entry.”

“Europe must provide people with humane reception and we must not leave the countries at the EU’s external borders alone.
“Lampedusa, in particular, has been making its contribution to the reception of refugees for years.

“Therefore, we appeal to all member states to show solidarity and relocate people from the island now. Because right now, help is needed. This is an act of humanity and solidarity,” Cornelia Ernst MEP

Miguel Urban Crespo MEP

“Another baby dies as a result of deadly European migration policies. What does it take to change these inhuman policies?
“For how long will we witness this horrific European deal? Is it a legal obligation to save and a legal obligation to find a safe port. A legal obligation.
Member States are behaving like an organised crime organisation,” Miguel Urban Crespo MEP



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