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Dr. Mohsin Ali’s ‘1971 Massacres in Bangladesh’: a gripping new book that exposes the Pakistani army’s violence

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1971 Massacres in Bangladesh: an intriguing book that tries to show the Pakistani army’s exploitation, oppressions, coercions, rapes, destructions, and crimes by referencing hundreds of occurrences that were Genocides and Massacres. The book is the creation of published author Dr. Mohsin Ali, a social worker who loves traveling, swimming, writing poetry, songs, and soccer.

Dr. Ali writes, “The British divided India into India and Pakistan after ruling India for 190 years from 1757 to 1947. Pakistan, a new country, was created based on the majority of Muslim populated areas in India, whereas India got the areas with a Hindu majority. Pakistan got two wings West Pakistan, located in the northwest and East Pakistan, situated in the southeast of India with a 1400 miles land distance over India.

“Soon after Pakistan was born, the West Pakistanis got the ruling power including military and civil servants. West Pakistan treated East Pakistan as a colony through the 56% majority of the population of Pakistan is in East Pakistan.

They tried to destroy the Bengali language, the language of East Pakistan and culture by imposing Urdu as the official state language, the West Pakistani language, over East Pakistan.

They never allowed the political leaders of East Pakistan to rule Pakistan by imposing Martial Laws even the East Pakistan leaders won in the election. They stopped the leaders of East Pakistan by imposing military rules as 95% of the armed forces, and civil servants were from West Pakistan. The West Pakistanis were exploiting and oppressing the East Pakistanis for 23 years. Bangladesh people revolted and engaged in a nine-month-long bloody armed fight of the Liberation War in 1971.

During the liberation war in 1971, the Pakistani armed forces committed crimes against humanity and violated the all human and civil rights of the people of East Pakistan. The oppressive Pakistani occupation forces committed genocides and massacres through mass killings of more than 3 million innocent people and coercively raping more than 400,000 innocent girls and women. The Pakistanis tortured the East Pakistani who are now the Bengalis inhumanly, severely, brutally in planned ways.”

Published by Book Vine Press, Dr. Ali’s new book clearly unleashes the crimes of the Pakistanis that continued to spread over the entire country in all the cities, towns, neighborhoods, and villages for nine months until they surrendered to the Bangladesh liberation allied Indian forces.

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