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Global Cyber Security Leaders convening in DAVOS at the CFF Cyber Future Dialogue 2023

Cybersecurity leaders stand side by side with international business and public sector leaders to lend hand to solve cybersecurity challenges.

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Cyber Future Dialogue to host a cross-section of leaders addressing the most critical priorities for 2023 including the Ukraine-Russian conflict

Cyber Future Foundation, a global cyber security Not For Profit will host Cyber Future Dialogue 2023 at The Schatzalp in DAVOS on Tuesday, January 17th kicking off at 10 am CET. This is an annual gathering that brings together some of industry’s most respected business, tech, government and academic leaders to discuss the current and emerging landscape of cybersecurity and how we can address the issues collectively. The focus of the dialogue is a roadmap to action.

“We have entered a critical time in our society where risks to life and livelihood are being created and carried out through online exploits. The war in Ukraine has seen escalated use of cyber warfare to reduce-eliminate access to critical infrastructure. We are quickly becoming guardians of personal safety and security. Governments, industry, and academia must work together to overcome these challenges. As executives across multiple sectors in the industry and public sector grapple with consequences of the cyber challenges, it is essential for these leaders to come together to deliberate on the fundamental aspects of cyber risk and address this collectively ” said Valmiki Mukherjee, Co-Founder and Chairman.

Along with members of the community joining in Davos in person, Cyber Future Foundation also extends a warm welcome to its worldwide community to join the CFF Global Live Dialogue, an online forum that will gather cyber leaders from New Zealand to Singapore, and London to San Francisco.

This year’s Cyber Future Dialogue program includes a formidable group of leaders contributing to the agenda, which includes:

• Danil Kerimi, Executive Director, Edgelands Institute
• J. Michael Daniel – President and CEO Cyber Threat Alliance
• Denise Anderson – President, H-ISAC
• Kiril Goncharuk – CIO, UkrTelecom
• Marcel Zumbuhl – CISO, Swiss Post
• Slavik Markovich- Co-founder and CEO, Descope
• Paddy Mcguinness, Sr Advisor, Brunswick Group
• Rishi Bhargave, Co-founder and CRO Descope
• Sascha Maier, Group CISO, SV Group
• Lalit Ahulwalia, CEO, Inspira Enterprises
• Maya Bundt, Board Director
• Jonathan Trull, CISO, Qualys
• Andrea Bonime-Blanc, President, GRC Risk Advisory LLC
• Karl Mattson, CISO, NoName Security
• Stéphane Duguin, CEO, Cyber Peace Institute
• Nikhil Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, ArmorCode
• Medha Parlikar, Co-Founder and CTO, CasperLabs
• Gordon Pelosse, SVP, CompTIA
• Steven Stone, Head of Rubrik Zero Labs
• Vats Srivatsan, COO, SentinelOne
• Norma Krayem, VP, VanScoyoc
• Dan Vigdor, Co-Founder, CEO, ThriveDX
• Gene Golovinsky, VP Security R&D, Intuit
• Brian Jeffords, Director IT Infrastructure, Boeing
• LingRaj Patil, Executive Chairman, Purple Book Community
• Francesca Bosco, Sr. Advisor, Cyber Peace Institute
• Amit Gandre, Head of Cybersecurity for Americas, Inspira Enterprise
• Gurvinder Ahluwalia, Founder & CEO, Digital Twin Labs
• Sachin Bansal, Chief Legal Officer, Security Scorecard
• Brian Jeffords, Director of IT, Boeing
• Steven Johnson, Head of Global Cyber, HDR
• Piyoush Sharma, Head of Enterprise Security, Zuora
• And several other leaders

Topics on the agenda include supply chain security, workforce development, board governance, application development security, critical infrastructure security and an update from Ukraine industry and government leaders.

These topics relate to the various initiatives carried out by Cyber Future Foundation and its strategic programs globally, and will inform not only the community but global stakeholders for making the maximum impact.

In emphasizing the growing role of securing digital innovation and application security, Cyber Future Foundation has partnered with the Purple Book Community https://www.thepurplebook.club of Application Security leaders to connect cyber and business executives with the new era of application security.

The event is sponsored by some of the most innovative cybersecurity companies in the world whose solutions directly map to the Cyber Future Foundation mission and agenda.
– Descope (www.descope.com)
– ArmorCode (www.armorcode.com)
– Qualys (www.qualys.com)
– Rubrik (www.rubrik.com)
– Cybrize (www.cybrize.com)
– ThriveDX (www.thrivedx.com)
– NoName Security (www.nonamesecurity.com)
– Inspira Enterprise (www.inspiraenterprise.com)

Participants can learn more about the program at www.cyberfuturedialogue.org and apply to register for the event at https://cffdavos2023.eventbrite.com.

Audiences worldwide can participate in the program through LinkedIn Live platform from https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:7018416610013057024/

To learn more about Cyber Future Foundation, its mission and programs please visit www.cyberfuturefoundation.org

Image: Von World Economic Forum – Flickr: Davos Congress Centre – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15156555

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