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How Lockdown in Europe Generated a Whole New Wave of Home Startups

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In the last couple of years, Europe has experienced a wave of social, political and economic changes that have tested its society. The recession, immigration crisis, growing populism and distrust in institutions have all left their mark.

The most recent one has been the Covid-19 pandemic that pushed most people at home into solitary. While this was tough for most people, it prompted new startups as people looked at entrepreneurship as a way out.

Here are a few ways lockdown brought a new wave of home startups.

It Created a Lot of New Jobs

Being locked down at home for a long time, most people were left with nothing to do but think about what they could do to pass the time. The result was increased entrepreneurship ideas and more people looking at entrepreneurship as a way out. With a lot of spare time, people started working on their projects and taking the giant leap into entrepreneurship.

While their families were worried about what would happen to them if they failed, these startups have brought in new jobs and opportunities that have helped the local economies. If one aspired to get into design, they had a good chance of mastering the different banner design online courses during this time. There was time to learn and begin their preferred jobs.

It Gave Europe’s Entrepreneurs Better Ideas On How to Run Their Businesses

According to business experts, most startups fail because they don’t have the right idea or they are not well enough prepared to handle the challenges that come with running a business. That is why many people who went through lockdown have come out with better business plans and strategies to make them successful. They also had time to market-test their products, which most startups don’t get enough of.

It Created New Opportunities for Expansion and Investment

When you look at Europe as a whole, you realize there is an untapped market for entrepreneurs willing to take risks and invest in new ideas like never before. With most people looking at home startups as safer bets than ever, this has created new opportunities for investment firms and venture capitalists looking to invest in the right startups.

It Helped to Boost Innovation and Creativity

In a world where innovation and creativity are the driving force behind success, it is no longer enough for people to develop products that will sell well in their local markets.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs need to look at global markets and find ways to solve their problems, even if it means taking risks by going out on a limb. The lockdown and pandemic enabled most entrepreneurs to enhance their innovation and creativity.


New business ideas don’t materialize out of thin air. At least not in the real world. There are always some key moments that lead to a surge of new ventures emerging in response to an external stimulus. These catalytic events can take many forms and come from many different places.

The majority of them, however, have one thing in common: They each result from a sudden and significant change in a society’s sociological or economic conditions. The lockdown certainly did that. It brought about an entirely new wave of home business startups that are thriving up to date.

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