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Bangladesh Government disagrees with a resolution of the European Parliament

by EUToday Correspondents
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Human rights situation in Bangladesh
European Parliament adopts resolution on “Human rights situation in Bangladesh”

The Government of Bangladesh has expressed its “utter disappointment” at the  adoption of a resolution by the European Parliament earlier today on “Human rights situation in Bangladesh, notably the case of Odhikar”.

The timing and language of the joint motion, the government says, tabled by some political groups in  the European Parliament, for making judgemental comments over sub-judice  matters and a court verdict on two ‘Odhikar’ officials delivered today in Dhaka is  reflective of their intention of interfering into the independent judiciary of a  sovereign state. 

The independent judiciary of Bangladesh continues to ensure that judicial  proceedings are conducted openly and fairly, and that the rights of the parties  are fully respected. Bangladesh judiciary decides matters before them based on  evidence and in accordance with the law, without any restrictions, influences,  inducements, pressures, threats or interferences, direct or indirect, from any  quarter or for any reason. 

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The Government of Bangladesh is appalled by the favouritism, reflected in the  European Parliament’s resolution, to ‘Odhikar’ – a non-compliant and politically  biased entity with proven record of circulating misinformation, and an accomplice  of vested quarters that promote terrorism and violent extremism.

Mr. Adilur Rahman Khan, Secretary of ‘Odhikar’, was appointed Deputy  Attorney General by BNP-Jamaat Government and worked in that capacity for  five years from 2001 to 2006.

Therefore, the government argues, ‘Odhikar’ is not at all a neutral or  independent organization, and suggests that “to support and promote an organization  like ‘Odhikar’ in the name of upholding civic and democratic space is tantamount  to adoption of a totally subjective, selective, and partisan approach and is a clear  manifestation of double standard by those who speak of defending human rights  of the victims on one hand and make exposed and imposing attempts to protect  the alleged violator on the other.”

The Government of Bangladesh disagrees with the text of the resolution, but emphasised that it “deeply values its 50-year long growing partnership with the  European Union and all its Institutions including the European Parliament and  expects continuation of the same through meaningful engagement based on the  principles of mutual respect and non-interference into each other’s internal  affairs.”

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