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Johnson and the Kangaroos: History Is In The Making, writes Chris White

by Chris White
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A tourist fighting off an angry Kangaroo in Australia made newspapers in media around the world. One can only suspect that the Kangaroo did not accept that the visitor to Kangaroo land was being honest about intending to leave at the end of their holiday. 

That a Kangaroo would assume that a visitor would lie about their intentions is, perhaps, historically well founded. It appears that Australian Kangaroos generally have had enough and  are kicking back. 

Another Kangaroo attack has met with sensational coverage in UK newspapers and media. The coverage has certainly been global. A panel described as “a Kangaroo Court” has attacked former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In a long report they found that he misled the House of Commons and lied to them when he was being cross-examined. 

Kangaroo Courts according to reports have been confronting the former President of the United States Donald Trump. It seems that they are jumping into action around the globe. The tourist in Australia successfully fought off the attack but Boris Johnson caved in and ran. He chose to resign as a member of Parliament rather than be voted to be barred for 90 days. 

Now Johnson has become a “special” columnist of the right wing British national newspaper the Daily Mail. The newspaper ran seemingly endless attacks on the “Kangaroo Court” and  in one article predicted that the judgement of the committee and the expected result of a vote in the House of Commons on Monday will facilitate Johnson’s eventual return to the political scene.

His first column is described as non-political but Johnson in a video on the Daily Mail’s website commented that his writing would be “completely unexpurgated stuff”. He added that he would cover politics as little as possible. His first column focuses on his experience with a weight loss drug.

He is once again at odds with the Parliamentary rules by not properly informing the Advisory Committee on Business Appointment ( Acoba) which advises on new jobs for two years after leaving ministerial office. 

Most people, especially Conservative voters, are to use a common English expression, sick to the back teeth of the whole Boris Johnson Party-gate affair. Most people I know, whether left, right or centre, just want their Parliament to “get on with running the country”. An equally common remark is that “everything is going to the dogs and the people are suffering the consequences”.

That politicians are “just in it for themselves” and that “parties during lockdown while not excusable are in the past and should have been dealt with better at the time” and that Boris made mistakes is generally accepted, but also that he “has special qualities and is the victim of rivals who want him out as the Conservative Party appears to be collapsing.”

The point of all this is that Boris is kicking back and is about to make changes in leaps and bounds if you will pardon the Kangaroo expression. Becoming a columnist “That will be required reading in Westminster – and around the world” is just the jump start.

He is planning to publish a book and any politician that has some fault in their history had better start planning for a new career. The same may well apply to officials who have let their personal politics affect their judgement. 

So let me get to the key point of the Kangaroo circus. This is largely my judgement based on information received prior to former UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s comments about the need for a new ‘centrist party’. Boris Johnson may well become a key figure in the creation of a new political party.

The Conservative Party is a union of two former parties – the more centrist Tories and the rightist Whigs.  That the current Conservative Party has been dividing itself for some considerable time is now apparent to the majority of the electorate.

Right now the Labour Party, possibly in some form of alliance with the Liberal Democrats, look set to win the next election. Just possibly a new party could emerge before the next election but there is very little time. Of course its supporters may well be further along in their planning than any outsider can realise. 

Nigel Farage is now an accomplished television commentator and presenter and it should be borne in mind that he has far reaching sources. So let’s surmise: Boris now appears to have the backing of the Daily Mail – note the “required reading in Westminster” on their front page announcing their new  then ‘mystery’ columnist. 

If one thing about Boris Johnson is certain it is that he knows the media and how to run a campaign.  If my  calculations are right he he about to make a giant Kangaroo leap and will hit the ground running. 

One calculation that, from my personal knowledge of him he will have made, is that the people of the UK want an end to political fiasco and a return to solid administration. They are tired of not being able to get their teeth fixed on The National Health or to be able to get an appointment with their doctor. They are ashamed of the country’s rising indebtedness and the political domination of foreign based corporations and so on and on…..

The electorate would welcome a political revolution. 

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