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Sweden: Police injured in violent clashes with Islamic gangs

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More than 40 people, many chanting “Allahu Akbar,” have been arrested during four days of violent clashes in cities in Sweden between police and people angry at threats by a far-right group to burn copies of the Quran, the BBC reports.

Three people were injured in Norrkoping on Sunday when officers fired warning shots at rioters, police said. Sweden’s national police chief, Anders Thornberg, said he had never seen such violent riots on the country’s streets following Sunday’s clashes in Norrkoping, about 160km south-west of Stockholm, and nearby Linkoping.

Police told a news conference on Monday that 26 police officers and 14 members of the public had been injured in the violence and that more than 20 vehicles had been damaged or destroyed.

They said that around 200 people had been involved in the violence, adding that they believed it was organised by criminal gang networks. Some of the individuals are already known to police and Sweden’s security service, Sapo.

Muslim gangs in Sweden.

Middle Eastern criminal gangs have become a dangerous phenomenon throughout Sweden and Europe. Many have arrived in Sweden over the past 30 years from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and other Islamic countries.

The gangs control large zones of Swedish cities and towns, effectively lawless areas which police increasingly fear to approach.

The gangs have allegedly been allowed to operate with virtual impunity for years. Swedish judges and prosecutors appear unable or unwilling to stop them, apparently out of fear of retribution.

One of the most notorious and feared of the gangs is headed by 64-year-old Imam Hashem Ali Khan who reportedly officiates every Friday at the al-Salam mosque at Angered, a suburb of Gothenburg.

Khan has previously been convicted and sentenced to death in Lebanon for murdering a mother of ten children, it has been reported.

Video report by Spiegel TV on the Ali Khan gang.

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