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Young entrepreneurs get chance to “sell themselves” at international conference

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Some of Europe’s brightest young innovators will get a chance to showcase their talents – and products – at a major international conference in Lisbon later this year.

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) event is said to be the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility.

In 2022, the TRA takes place in Lisbon, Portugal with the idea being to provide a chance for all stakeholders to discuss latest developments and innovations in the world of transport and mobility.

It will bring together experts from around the world to discuss the newest innovations and future of mobility and transport.

Two EU commissioner, including Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, will attend the event, along with Portuguese government ministers. More than 2,000 people are expected to attend and the event will also give a chance to young innovators to showcase their skills and products in an exhibition at the conference venue.

A briefing was held at Brussels press club on Tuesday to promote the event at the Lisbon Congress Centre (14-17 November). It is part organised by the National Innovation Agency, NAI, in conjunction with the European Commission and several European associations.

One of the speakers was Patrick Mercier-Handisyde, Senior Policy Officer of the Commission’s Research and Innovation DG. He said the conference aims to help achieve “a more efficient, safer, carbon-free, inclusive, and sustainable transport in all its modes.”

He said, “This is an important event for the commission and its transport policymaking. It is a unique opportunity for researchers, policymakers and all stakeholders to come together to talk about their work and the future of transport.”

He said everything from driverless vehicles to clean aviation will be on the agenda for the event which was first held in 2006.

“All transport modes, including hydrogen, will be under discussion and it is hoped to attract talented young researchers who will be able to use this event as an opportunity to showcase themselves.”

This, he said, was timely as 2022 has been designated the European Year of Youth.

Another speaker, Luis Maia, of TRA 2022, said, “It will give these people a chance to pitch themselves and, where appropriate, their products, services and business models to a wider audience. This includes start ups from all over Europe.”

Marta Pinto, also of TRA 2022,said any start up wishing to participate in the event is still able to do so by applying to the organisers.

“This is not just a scientific conference but also a fair and exhibition with 50 stands and 15 demonstrators.”

Companies, research centres, government ministries and the EU are among those expected to take part in the exhibition.

The event is split into different sections, including one on “smart solutions” and another called “green mobility and decarbonisation.”

There will be four plenary sessions and, at the conclusion, an awards ceremony.

This is the first TRA to be held since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis. Further information: https://traconference.eu

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