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President Isaac Herzog: “This is material which was found on the body of one of those sadistic villains. It’s Al Qaeda material”

by EUToday Correspondents
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President Isaac Herzog
In an interview with Sky News, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog revealed materials found on the bodies of Hamas terrorists, including training materials for the use of chemical warfare agents, intended to be used by the terrorist organisation in its murderous rampage against innocent civilians.

A USB key found on the body of a Hamas terrorist who infiltrated Israeli territory, was found to contain detailed instructions on creating chemical weapons and implementing their use among the civilian population.

The source of the document is a manual from the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization dated 2003, and its discovery indicates both the connection between the organisations and the intention of the Hamas terrorist organization to use chemical weapons to cause mass casualties – as ISIS had planned in the past.

Among the contents of the USB were precise instructions for preparing a device for dispersing cyanide agents (see attached PDF file), proving further the murderous intentions of the terrorist organization Hamas to kill anyone regardless of religion, race or gender.

Cutting off the heads of babies, a manual for abducting captives and instructions for the use of chemical substances for mass murder, are murderous patterns of action that testify to the attempt of the terrorist organization Hamas to trace back to ISIS.

Out of its basic right to protect its independence and the security of its residents, the State of Israel will continue to act against the brutal terrorist organization Hamas.

In the interview, President Isaac Herzog said: “This is material which was found on the body of one of those sadistic villains. It’s Al Qaeda material, official Al Qaeda material. When dealing with ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hamas, this is what we’re dealing with. And in in this material, there were instructions, how to produce chemical weapons.

“What we went through is evil. We have to uproot it, and when you uproot evil, we see people supporting evil, you see them in demonstrations in London or anywhere else in the world. Why are you supporting evil? What’s the story? Do you really believe that human beings need to be tortured? Civilians, pregnant women? Old people with dementia with the caretakers with their medication, people who have done only good?

“Let me tell you a story – the families around the Gaza Strip the Gaza border of Israel, are the biggest supporters of making peace with the Palestinians. They called me and told me that father stayed alone day, he went to defend his village and his wife and the kids are all abducted to Gaza not knowing where they are. This is another example of what we are facing.”

President Isaac Herzog was speaking in his first British broadcast interview since he became president.

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