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Vladimir Putin admits Soviet invasions of eastern Europe were “a mistake”

by EUToday Correspondents
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Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, addressing the annual Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, has stated that Soviet invasions were wrong,” the BBC has reported.

Putin admits:

  • The Soviet invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia were both “wrong” and a “mistake”
  • Countries should not do anything in foreign policy which “harms the interests of other peoples”
  • Washington has “no friends, only interests” and the US is making the same mistakes as the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union invaded Hungary in 1956, with at least 2,600 Hungarians killed in the fighting.

Around 137 Czechs and Slovaks died after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

In 2022, Putin sent tens of thousands of Russian troops into Ukraine, triggering the biggest land war in Europe since World War Two. History, as we can see, tends to repeat itself.


Read also: “Putin’s true intention – to wipe Ukraine from the map,” – UK Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly.


In the meantime, Putin’s war in Ukraine is exhausting Russia’s weaponary, and so fellow political basket-case Pyongyang could prove an invaluable source of Soviet-era munitions.

The United States claims that arms talks between Russia and North Korea have been “actively advancing” with Russia allegedly seeking supplies of ammunition and artillery shells.

The US government said last week that arms negotiations between Russia and North Korea are “actively advancing,” and further talks could take place as part of Russia’s efforts to find new suppliers for weapons to use in its war against Ukraine.

South Korean Defence Ministry spokesperson Jeon Ha-kyu also said Tuesday the ministry is closely monitoring whether North Korea and Russia will proceed with negotiations on an arms deal and technology transfer.



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