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#StopRussiaNow: well-known Ukrainian women call for help to stop the war

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The stories of two successful Ukrainian women who loved to do their job, succeeded in their endeavours, and had great prospects that are abruptly interrupted by the wail of an air-raid siren. The shrill sound penetrates the depths of the soul and makes you shudder. Millions of Ukrainians hear it in real life. Several times per day – and not from the laptop screen.

#StopRussiaNOW is a wake-up call addressed to ordinary people on all digital platforms, already reaching 55 million users. It is a message emphasising that the war in Ukraine is ongoing, and it is too early to forget about it and return to normal life.

Marina, a Ukrainian movie director.

The war in Ukraine is affecting everyone’s lives. It sounds like the worst war film ever made, but it is a new reality that ordinary people face. “I am Marina. I am a filmmaker. I like turning ideas into films. Working on a film set is a thrill for me. But the war in Ukraine is not a movie. Watch my story and find out what the people of Ukraine experience,” describes the film director.

Ksenia, a Ukrainian model.

“My name is Ksenia; I am a model. I have been invited to model in the capitals of fashion worldwide. I felt like I was about to conquer the world. But today it doesn’t matter. Many of my dearest people are on the war frontline. They are fighting for both my future and yours,” she says. The people of Ukraine continue to fight Russian aggression and defend their right to freedom.

Anyone can help stop Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine.

Campaign billboards travel across Europe and aim to raise awareness about Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine. They show the new reality in which Ukrainian people live every day. The message is available in eight languages (English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, and Dutch).

Everybody can make an impact and stop the war. There are several options described on #StopRussiaNOW website:

– stop buying products of companies that operate in Russia;

– send e-mails to your political leaders via the website,

– donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine,

– share information on your social media.

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